There are options with Medicare...

Just because you are retiring and going on Medicare doesn't mean that you have to give up your Vision Insurance coverage.  There are options available.  Our vision health is just as important as ever, if not even more important as we get older.

Many of the Medicare Advantage policies have Vision coverage included, some requiring only providers in their network be used.  So it is important that you confirm that you can continue to see the same provider if that is important to you.

Medicare Supplement policies don't normally include vision coverage but some are now offering discounts.  Stand alone Vision Insurance Plans are available that provide more comprehensive coverage.  We offer individual plans with two leading networks and would be happy to show you the options.

Learn More about Individual Vision Insurance Plans...

At KKJ Consulting we are proud to represent all options including the individual stand alone plans.  Click below to learn about two network individual plans and find which network your provider is in. Unfortunately these plans are not available in New York State.